About Waylar

History of the Company

WAYLAR Device, which connects people to machines (P2M), WAYLAR Move, which creates the connectivity between the WAYLAR Device to the WAYLAR Engine which acts like the brain to the platform, turning data into information, and the group of applications designed to serve the needs for all users who tap into information stored on the WAYLAR Engine.

WAYLAR Application is developed and designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, Besides, WAYLAR Service is a set of end-to-end services that businesses contract with stakeholderto empowered digitized on the platform

Business Goals & Objectives

WAYLAR is the leading IoT Platform Powerhouse that connects people and objects together, enabling access to blockchain-based real time data for effective asset management and business process empowerment.

WAYLAR aims to build a digital ecosystem by digitizing people and objects on the IoT Platform, developing products to and providing necessary services