About Us

The history of WAYLAR

WAYLAR emerged when the industry took a turning point and fully emerged in the digital era. With this in mind, the founders of WAYLAR took a new approach to formulating the company to develop the IoT (Internet of Things) Platform and push the integration of real-time data collection and analysis to become a vital aspect in supporting business sectors. This is to increase the opportunity to benefit from the data, including utilizing the information to suitably, accurately, efficiently, and sustainably allocate various resources such as machinery, vehicles, and even personnel.

WAYLAR begins with studying different IoT Platforms. Our WAYLAR Device system is a technology that connects people and machines. The WAYLAR Move acts as the “brain” of the platform that analyzes and collects “data” and transforms it into “information”. Most importantly, we have gathered various applications designed by our system development team into the WAYLAR Engine to satisfy the needs of distinct organizations. The WAYLAR Engine can be easily and conveniently accessed at the user’s fingertips.

Recently, WAYLAR has taken another step further in developing service systems to maximize efficiency in accessing and utilizing data for the benefit of businesses and industries. This is achieved with the Supply Chain WAYLAR system, which plays a crucial role in the ability to swiftly access the most up-to-date data. The systems ensure seamless coordination with personnel and workflow and accelerate operational efficiency and effectiveness to its fullest potential.


“To be a regional trusted partner empowering the Logistic Ecosystem”


“To digitize and empower your business with real-time data and economies of scale”

We strive to become the hub and leader in platform development to support businesses and seamlessly connect people to their surroundings. Additionally, we aim to be at the forefront of blockchain-based data storage technology that is current and can be integrated with AI (Artificial Intelligence) automated systems. This allows us to cater to different needs such as maintenance platforms, logistics, purchasing and selling goods, consultancy, digital marketing, insurance, and investing. We are ready to support your business no matter the niche or location and will not stop improving our products with new technology and innovations for more efficient resource management in this growing business world.



We are committed to upholding the promises we made to our customers and partners. We realize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of business-sensitive information and personal data and will take responsibility for our stakeholders.



With a positive mindset, honesty, and sincerity, we are dedicated to achieving our goals. We have a deep understanding of our responsibilities as both a member of staff and a representative of the company.



We will maintain the trust we have built with our customers and partners and are dedicated to building networks and collaborating with external entities. The goal is to create a positive image and confidence in our brand, along with a clear and transparent workflow that can be verified.



We want our customers and partners to have ease of mind. Your issues are our priorities. We have professional management strategies and can recommend new approaches and innovations to promptly solve complex and varied problems.

WAYLAR Standard and Achievements

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