A tool that intertwines and streamlines workflow, eliminating complexity in allocating tasks to different departments. Statuses of tasks can be tracked easily. WAYLAR Connect can also manage vehicles for smooth operations.


  • Collect real-time deep data
  • Change the paper-based format of data storage into a digital one
  • Connect and integrate data, including human resources, processes, tools, and vehicles
  • Delegate tasks to team members as well as track the statuses of each one
  • Organize organizational vehicles with the ability to track their current positions
  • Manage human resources and store employee data for efficient usage

How WAYLAR CONNECT can help your organization

  • Reduces complexity in allocating tasks to different departments
  • Accessing information on the web application with ease and convenience
  • An opportunity to increase revenue from building a network of vehicles for inter-organizational transportation
  • Access to real-time deep customer data for planning sales promotions and activities
  • Access to real-time deep organizational data to help make informed business strategy information to adapt to current situations
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