An application for employees in your organization that supports human resource management tasks, making them more convenient. This aligns with the work ethics of our company to adapt to the working culture of the modern world. Employees should have the freedom to work from anywhere.

What can WAYLAR WORK do?

  • Collect real-time data
  • Change the paper-based format of data storage into a digital one
  • Handle human resource management tasks such as work time logging and requesting leave
  • Manage tasks assigned as well as update their statuses through the online system
  • Handle expense reimbursements and other financial matters on the online platform without the need for in-office paperwork

How WAYLAR WORK can help your organization

  • Reduces complexity of the data management process
  • Efficiently manage human resources
  • Provide convenient access to human resource processes for business sectors where employees work remotely
  • Summarizes results of work performance and generate reports for superiors
  • Increases productivity as employees do not need to worry managing documents and reporting of tasks
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I hereby give my consent for the data collection, usage, and disclosure of my personal information according to the purpose stated.

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